Scar Removal Methods For Scars And Stretch Marks That Everyone Can Afford

by GuestPoster on December 11, 2010

Some people are blessed with flawless skin and can wear the clothes they want. Others are plagued with stretch marks and scars due to some factors such as pregnancy, weight gain, acne and many more. Not everyone can afford cosmetic procedures that will help you regain flawless looking skin. If you cannot spend hundreds of dollars for these advanced scar removal treatments you have to contend with these unsightly scars and stretch marks forever. Nowadays, there are many different methods of removing scars which are inexpensive and will save you from taking a trip to clinics. One of the solutions to scars is using Emu oil. The oil is extracted from a bird in Australia and has been used even by the Aborigines. Aside from applying the oil on your scars and stretch marks, you can also use homemade remedies which are not only inexpensive but also safe to use. Here are some of these natural remedies for scars.

One of the natural remedies for scars that can be found in your own backyard is Aloe Vera and this consists of 400 species. The medicinal plant is usually present in hair care and beauty products as this is proven to nourish the scalp and maintain the skin’s healthy glow. You do not have to purchase products that contain Aloe Vera for you to obtain the many benefits of this plant as you can apply it on the affected area of your skin in its natural and unprocessed form. All you need to do is remove the aloe leaf and draw the slimy drain from it. You can use a knife to extract its pasty juice. The aloe vera juice resembles a gel and can be applied on wounds anytime of the day as it does not leave a sticky feel.  Aloe Vera is an effective remedy for scars as it promotes the growth of new cells and also speeds up the healing process of wounds. This plant should only be used to minor burns and not on open wounds.

Another alternative to expensive methods of removing scars is onion. Although onion can be mostly found in cooking recipes, it is also an effective cure for scars and stretch marks. The onion can be found in most diet supplements and can be bought in gel form. It is an anti inflammatory and can also reduce the unsightly appearance of stretch marks and scars. Onions are prohibited to those who are allergic to it.

Before you consider laser treatment and cosmetic surgeries, try these simple and affordable scar removal techniques first. These are all natural and will not produce any allergic reaction to your skin. You need to keep in mind that these remedies take longer to deliver results as they do not contain chemicals.

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