Second Date Tips – Don’t Screw Up Your Second Date

by Kelvin Redfield on May 18, 2011

Do you know what biggest obstacle is in the dating part? Yes, it is the end of the first date. In fact that she agreed to go on for a second date means that she is interested in you. This basically shown that you are doing well on your very first date. This is where the problem comes by. It is obviously you do not want to screw things up on your second date. The second date is not same as the first date. You may screw the whole thing if you are careless. This is why you need to know several second date tips before you are considering to going out for a second date with the girl that you are interested in. Also, it is worth to mention that the second date can still be a nerve wrecking experience for many individuals.

Since you are doing well in your first date, your second date should be more relaxing, and your confidence should be skyrocketed by now. The second date is a great opportunity for both of you to verify your mutual attraction and impression toward each other. It is also a good chance for you to evaluate whether both of you are comfortable with each other and willingly to pursue the relationship further.

Timing is extremely essential on the second date. During your first date, the time for both of you to get know of each other is bound to be short. However, in the second date, both of you have all the time to get know of each other better. Unlike the first date where it is usually takes place at night, the second date is much better for a weekend afternoon, where both of you can feel relaxed and fresh. But still, it doesn’t mean that you should make your date longer than usual. This will give the girl impression that you have nothing to do than just hang around.

It is important for you realize that second date is not like the first date. On the first date, it is all about the impression while in the second date; it is all about learning about each other better. So, make sure that you are deciding what kind of activities or things you want to do on your second date. If possible, try to avoid cinema, theater or any social events. I mean, these venues obviously will limit your conversation with each other. You would want to pick a venue that will provide you an opportunity to talk with each other. As for romantic candlelight dinner, you should avoid this, as well. It is because it is still too early for this relationship. So, this would be the best for you to figure out something that both of you will enjoy most.

Being aggressive on the second date is not good. This can destroy your chance for third or fourth coming date. Your goal is to make her know that you enjoy her company. Talking about love or marriage can be kills your chance. After all, you are still in the stage of knowing each other. Talking such personal subject matter is just inappropriate.

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