Secrets to Dog Training Review

by Kelvin Redfield on April 3, 2011

Secrets to Dog Training are a comprehensive guidebook, which written by Daniel Steven, to help every dog owner to train their dogs. This guide is formerly known as Sit Stay Fetch. During the first launch, this dog training guide had been sold for 50,000 copies, and in the present, it is sold up to 200,000 copies.

Secrets to Dog Training features:

1. 260 page long guide. (It contains 9 chapters.)
2. One Audio and Video Lesson.
3. Unlimited and Free Dog Training Consultations.
4. 5 Bonus eBook which worth more than $100
5. Refund Available (100% Money back Guaranteed within 60 Days)
6. The Price is $39.95

Secrets to Dog Training are for everyone. Everything that written in this guide is easy to read and follow. You don’t even need a strong English education background to understand this book. In fact, there are more than 100 high-quality photos included to make your reading more enjoyable. As this isn’t enough, there is an audio and video lesson available for you. Plus, it is extremely effective approach. Everything that shown in the video instruction is just simply amazing and inspiring.

This dog training guide is jam packed with a lot of useful and practical information. Whether this is your first time of being a dog owner or a veteran, the information that you will learn from this book is superb.

Here is some of the useful information that you will get:

1. Selecting, buying and raising a puppy or older dog.
2. How to understand your dog through their body language and facial expressions.
3. What kinds of meal that your dogs should eat
4. The advantages and disadvantages of all dog training methods.
5. How to train your dog to understand your basic commands and tricks (for e.g. Come, Catch, Sit)
6. Eliminate the dog misbehavior

Speaking of dog misbehavior, this can be problematic to every dog owner if the behavior problems are not solved. It can cause you some embarrassment if your dog didn’t behave well, especially in front of people. The problem does not stop here. You can say goodbye to your shoes, carpet or anything that is in reach of your dog. They will bite and chew these items indiscriminately. As destroying your properties aren’t enough, they will pee on your sofa or every corner of your house. This will leave you occupied and frustrated for your whole day.

The dog behavior problems include;

Shyness, separation anxiety, bad breath, digging, excessive barking, off-leash problems, jealousy, multiple dogs, car chasing, disobedience, mouthing, poop eating, and more.

Eliminating the dog behavior problems are not as easy as you thought. It is mainly because of the communication problems. Beating them is not actually a productive way to train or teach your dog. In fact, it can make the matter worse than before. This is why you need Secrets to Dog Training. The knowledge that you gained from reading this guide give you a huge edge in the dog training.

So, if you are really love your dog, it is advisable for you to train your dog. A well-behaved dog will make your life happier and feel proud.

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