Simple Beauty Ideas

by GuestPoster on March 25, 2011

The beauty of a woman depends on a number of various factors, and the most important ones are the right dress, makeup, maintaining healthy hair, accessories that she chooses to wear and also glowing skin. It is quite acceptable that maintaining all these aspects may prove to be difficult for some of us, but the task is not completely impossible. In fact, there are some factors which if you keep in mind, can help you look beautiful with the least efforts. These are – taking proper care of your skin and hair and choosing the right dresses for the right occasions. Keeping these factors in mind will not only make you look beautiful, but will also make you stand out of the general crowd.

Mentioned below are some simple but essential beauty tips that can help any woman maintain the perfect look. These are:

• Before you start wearing your regular makeup, ensure that you apply some foundation on the exterior of your eyelids. Airbrush makeup kits have a color specific for the face and eye as well. Once this is done, use your eye-shades over it. This helps in retaining the eye-shade for a longer period of time and will thus ensure that you look fresh even after a long time.
• Make use of petroleum jelly or cold creams to remove the makeup of your eyes. A very important point here to note is that one should remove all the applied makeup on the eyes before going to sleep. Failure in doing so could lead to potential damage of the eyes.
• Taking care of one’s hair is equally important if you want to look beautiful. This is because the hair constitutes largely to your overall appearance, and must be maintained well at all times. A simple but very effective way of doing is to apply olive oil on your hair when it is wet, since it keeps them healthy, strong and even shiny for a long period of time.
• Spraying of cold water on your face is very important if you want to decrease the redness of your skin. This readily reduces the redness of the skin, and gives you a fresh look for a longer period.

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