Simple Coffee Making Tips

by GuestPoster on January 11, 2012

If you are interested in making better coffee at home without investing in new equipment or wasting a lot of time trying to learn complicated new  methods then you have to start with what you have.  This may be as simple as a drip coffee maker that you have used for years – which is fine.  We’ll cover the basics on how to make coffee in a coffee maker so you can improve your coffee drinking habits without blowing a bunch of cash.

Rinse Out Your Filters

My number one recommendation for anyone trying to get a better extraction from their current coffee grounds is to run their coffee filter under cold running water before they brew.  It only takes a few seconds to do, but it allows for more of the flavor notes and subtle nuances of the coffee to seep through the filter and into the coffee itself.  This also reduces the amount of bitterness you will taste in the coffee as most of that bitterness comes from the paper filter.

Use the Right Water

What kind of water are you currently using to brew your coffee?  Is it just room temperature tap water?  When I first got into making coffee at home I didn’t think the type of water I used was going to make any difference so I just used regular water to brew.  Well, it turns out that the type of water you use can actually make quite a big difference.  What you need is cool filtered water – the reason is that cold water takes slightly longer to brew than room temperature or (worse) warm water.  Because it takes a little longer to brew, the extraction process is more thorough which results in a tastier cup of coffee.  It’s a very simple fix but can add a lot of flavor to your coffee.

Use a Thermos

The final thing that I suggest to anyone interested in making better coffee at home is to put the coffee into a thermos once it is done brewing.  If the coffee just sits on a burner for any amount of time it starts to burn, which chemically affects the coffee.  However, simply by putting that coffee into a thermos it will stay hot for hours without getting burnt or having a chemical change (which vastly affects the flavor).

Implementing these three simple steps are a great and easy way to improve the taste of the coffee that you are drinking at home without spending money on any new gadgets or taking time to learn new brew methods.  Just use these three steps and your coffee will taste significantly better.

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