Simple Facial Acne Solutions

by GuestPoster on February 11, 2011

Forehead acne is one of the teenage-and-beyond woes that everyone must face.  And it is unfortunate indeed that this dire predicament occurs on one of the most auspicious parts of the human body:  the forehead.  The forehead is one of the prime sections of the “T Zone,”  that area on your face that is more receptive to blemishes than anywhere else.  Correct treatment of acne will go far in relieving the afflictions of a blemish-ridden face.

You CAN control your acne problem.  Even basic tips will help reduce the number of blemishes on your forehead.  A 3 day detox would go far in removing impurities in your bloodstream, the main culprit in forehead acne problems.   You can also refrain from touching your face with your hands.  Your fingers harbor dangerous germs that lurk in the oil in your skin and could easily spread infection and invade your facial complexion.  Hair is another evil-doer in the acne world.  If you keep your hair pulled back during the day, your face will be able to breathe and stay clean from all the oils that make your hair oily when you have not taken a shower for several days.  These two tips will certainly make your face a cleaner environment, a not-so-cozy stop for any oils and germs that may arrive.

High quality facial soap is another must when preventing blemishes.  Often, what teenagers believe is eczema is simply a bad case of acne.  Ask your local doctor “what does eczema look like?”, so that you will be able to decide whether you ought to get special eczema or special acne soaps.  Mistaking the two and getting the wrong soap would aggravate either problem.  Gentle soaps will not dry out your skin, and therefore will keep your skin from overproducing oil.  And facial cleansers with natural extracts will keep your afflicted face and forehead feeling special and pampered!

Oh how difficult but important it is to not pop whiteheads that appear overnight! If the pimples are not ripe, you can leave a permanent scar, rather than a passing pimple.  Do not worry, it will go away soon enough, in its own time!  If, however, the blemish is larger than normal, consult your doctor as to the best means of clearing your face of the unsightly blemish. He might recommend a whitehead remover. They are easy to use and can be found in most pharmacies.

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