Social Anxiety Disorder – Fear & Symptoms

by Kelvin Redfield on November 18, 2010

In the modern day, many people are struggling with social anxiety disorder in their daily life, and some of them may not even realize that they have social phobia. Social anxiety disorder is one of the common mental disorder problems in America. According to the statistics, there are approximately millions of people are suffering from this mental disorder.

For a healthy and normal person, they will love the social interactions and any social events. They will not miss the chances to attending any of the social activities. However, for those who suffered from social anxiety, they will feel extremely unease and tense in this scenario. Instead of enjoying the social event, they are worrying about the scenario where they will get embarrass or laugh by others in the event. They also do not like the feeling of being watched or judged by others. In other word, people with social anxiety have excessive self-consciousness.

They may recognize that their fear or worry is unreasonable, but there is nothing that they can do about it. Their reactions are automatic, and their actions are involuntary. Because of this, most of them are ashamed of themselves. They also go to a great length to hide their anxiety conditions. They are afraid that their friends or others people might make fun of their weakness once it was revealed. This is one of the reason why many social anxiety sufferers did not seek help from the general physician or professional.

When the victims’s emotion going out of control, their social anxiety symptoms will the physical form. The physical symptoms may include blushing, shaking, unable to establish eye contact, crackling voice, cold hand, excess sweating, rapid heart beat, stomach ache, head ache, and muscle tense. When the symptoms become unbearable for the victim, the victim’s last resort is running away from the scene.

It do not take much effort to trigger the social anxiety symptoms, since that a majority of human life are revolved around social interaction. Every social anxiety sufferers do not share the same trigger and fear. The symptoms and trigger can be vary from people to people. For example, the victims can be someone who absolutely have no problem when working in the crowded place, but do get panic when talking with the person in authority or a stranger.

Cognitive-behavior therapy is one of the most successful social anxiety disorder treatment that you can find nowadays. There are no any drugs prescription involved in this treatment. In this treatment, you will be taught to analyze and alter your behavior thoughts to the positive and realistic thoughts. This is not something you can do properly within a short period. It takes practice to let your thought process to get accustomed with this technique.

If you suspect that you have minor social anxiety disorder, you can learn some natural anxiety relief techniques such as meditation, breathing technique and exercise to relief your symptoms. It can be handy in a certain situation.

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