Soft Dog Crates for Traveling with Your Pet

by GuestPoster on November 17, 2011

My parents have always been dog lovers. They have had almost every breed of dog you can think of, and I cannot remember a time when they did not have at least one dog. They love the companionship and the fun that dogs bring with them. I am one of seven children, and all of us live far away from home, so now more than ever my parents feel a little lonely. They have two dogs and by the way my parents treat them, you would think that the dogs were my parents’ own children. Since both of them work, they purchased a large outside kennel for the dogs to sleep and play in during the day.

They felt bad that the dogs needed to stay inside every day, but the dogs seem much happier now that they can play with each other and be outside. There are many different kinds of dog kennels and crates that you can get to fit your lifestyle. If you work every day and do not have the money to send your pet to a doggy daycare-type place, you can do what my parents did and get a large kennel to give your pet some room to relax and play in during the day. If someone is home all day, there is no need to get such a large kennel, but you will need a crate that your dog can sleep in at night. Those kind of crates are usually made of a hard plastic, which is good if you never go anywhere with your dog.

If you like to travel or take your dog in the car, soft dog crates are a better choice. Soft dog crates take up a lot less space and are easy to take to the dog park or on a trip. If you feel that your dog is truly a part of your family, you want to take him everywhere with you. That just is not a possibility with a hard dog crate or a stationary dog crate. If you take a dog in the car without a crate at all, you risk getting dog hair all over your seats or the dog having an accident on the seats. Having dog hair in the car translates to having dog hair all over your clothing, not to mention dog hair on anyone who rides in the car.

Soft dog crates are also perfect for small dogs that may be going through training or that get scared easily. Soft dog crates come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can get the perfect one for your small dog. Carrying a soft crate for your small dog is almost like carrying a purse, and a lot of people will not even be able to tell the difference. Your dog crate will surely be mistaken for a purse, and will only be noticed when it makes a noise. A friend of mine loves carrying her fox terrier with her wherever she goes.

All she needs to do is say she is going on a trip and the dog jumps right into its soft crate. A dog is truly a man’s best friend, so why leave him at home to sleep and get into trouble all day? You can take him with you wherever you go with a soft crate. You do not have to feel bad that you had to leave your pet home when you are out in the park having a picnic. It is easy and fun to take your dog with you on trips and outings with a new soft dog crate.

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