Some Help On How To Refinish A Hardwood Floor

by GuestPoster on April 11, 2012

Wood floors can beautify your home. But like any wood product, they must be appropriately polished to maintain their brilliance and elegance. Finishing a wood floor is not a difficult process, but it is necessary if you want to keep your floor in good condition. Taking the time to finish wood floors will make them last for many years. This article will give you some help on how to refinish hardwood floors.

Finishing wood floors is just a two-step process that constitutes sanding the floor smooth and staining it afterward. Sanding dissipates dust, dirt and scratches on the floor, creating a smooth surface. After the floor has been sanded, the stain gives the floor a rustic look with a smooth finish.

First of all, you should check if the floor requires refinishing. You can do a test on your floor. Place a drop or two of water on the floor and observe it. If the water is quickly absorbed into the ground, it’s time to refinish the floor. If it is not absorbed at all or if it gets absorbed slowly, you can wait a while before refinishing the floor.

This process will determine whether or not your floor needs to be refinished. Some examples of problems that require repair include warped or squeaky floors, stained wood, and other sorts of permanent damage. You must repair the floor before finishing.

After ensuring that your floor is in good condition, start preparing for messy jobs like sanding. You can begin by cleaning the entire room. Cover all doors, openings, vents and lights in the room to protect them from dust.

Initial sanding is done with a drum sander. The power of this tool can easily damage the wood if you let it sit in one place for more than a few seconds, so keep moving. However, do not rush your work. If you encounter difficulties reaching the corners with a drum sander, try using an edge sander.

After sanding the floors, remove all the debris and dust from the workplace. Before you start coloring, you should choose a certain spot on the ground. You must decide if water or oil-based stain is best for your floor. It actually depends on the characteristics of your floor. Follow all the instructions, especially the number of layers needed and how long it takes to dry. Learning how to make DIY headboards is also a useful skill.

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