Sony Ericsson K770i – Elegant & Affordable Cellphone

by Kelvin Redfield on November 16, 2010

Simply elegant. That is all I can say and feel about the Sony Ericsson k770i. It has all the modern and the latest technology and feature available inside it. Sony Ericsson k770i certainly worth a closer look if you are looking for an affordable cellphone that do not leave behind the time and technology.

K770i come with a clean and very user friendly interface and you will get use to it shortly after a few trial and error. The menu and program are particularly straightforward, easy to understand and well organized. Each of the icon clearly represents the function of the program. For example, envelope icon means messaging. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

If you are someone who love to take photos, then you will not be disappointed with this Sony Ericsson K770i camera function. You can freely capture far and close images at ease. Whatever the distance is, the quality of the photo is superb. All of those pictures and images are in high resolution.

With the 3x digital zoom feature, you can capture far of images with brilliance clarity. Once you captured your desirable images, you can share with your family members or friends immediately with the in-built MMS feature. If taking pictures or images does not satisfy you, there is a built-in video camera feature for you. You can use the video recording feature to record any beautiful scenery or scene that you love to keep. Ok, the video quality might not be the greatest thing in the world, but it is pretty good on its own, when you consider its price and size.

Sony Ericsson K770i have very intriguing features that you can even compress the size of video files, images or clips if the files are too large to be sent thru MMS. If you want to transfer your images, videos and music file from the K770i to your home computer or your friend’s laptop, you can use the available USB cable to connect on your computer and transfer them manually just like how you did with your CD and floppy disk copy. It also has the Bluetooth function that would make your transferring or sharing fast and convenient especially when you have something to share with your friends on the spot.

Surfing the Internet with K770i is actually possible, but it will not provide a satisfactory surfing experience than laptop or home computer did. Nevertheless, it is the a good additional, because you have the option to check your email or facebook account at anywhere, should you not at home or access to your laptop at that moment.

As for the battery system, K770i’s battery is extremely reliable and impeccable. It has the capability to sustain talk time up to 10 hours and 400 of standby time on ease, and it takes one hour long to fully recharge battery. Overall, K770i is all about style and elegant and offer an exciting and satisfying user experience for you. It also leaves a lot of room to customize your own theme for your preference.

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