Stain Color Options for Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

by GuestPoster on March 23, 2011

There are many reasons homeowners choose to install unfinished hardwood flooring in their living space. Granted, they do take longer to install because they require the addition of the staining and finish. But the number of advantages they offer can counter this aspect. They are a great money saving option, allowing homeowners to buy more expensive and higher grades of flooring at a reduced cost. And they allow a limitless level of customization with the wide variety of stain color options available on the market today. In fact the latter aspect is the primary reason why homeowners choose to add unfinished wood flooring to their home.

The addition of a stain and finish are two essential components in the preservation of your new unfinished hardwood flooring. Not only does it add a level of protection, it enhances the grain, overall color and appearance of the hardwood. This is an important factor to take into consideration before you buy your flooring, stain and sealant otherwise the final appearance may not be quite what you were anticipating.

Once you have chosen the best unfinished hardwood for your home and design preference, the next aspect to consider is the stain color and finish options. For homeowners who prefer a light, airy look or desire light solid wood flooring there are a few basic tones available. This range usually consists of blond, golden, light tan or natural shades that focus on bringing the color and natural grain to the surface. If this color palate is a bit too pale and you desire to add a slight bit of drama to the room consider medium and dark brown tones. While they do tend to hide the grain more than the former option, there are choices that can drastically enhance the undertones through the addition of mahogany, red, and cherry tints. Homeowners who desire to add the highest level of drama and contrast, black hardwood floors are the best option. While there are black wood stains available, they may be difficult to find. Instead, look for stain colors such as ebony and onyx – which will produce the same result.

Because of the high level of customization available, it is no surprise unfinished hardwood floors are a popular choice among homeowners. They are not only ideal for do-it-yourselfer’s, but for perfect for individuals that want to create a truly unique look in their living space. While the right stain color will not only match your existing design style and décor, it will also protect your new flooring, enhance the color and grain. But regardless of the stain color you choose, once the finish is added you will have a hardwood floor that looks beautiful, adds style to your space and increases the value of your home.

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