Successes with Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

by GuestPoster on October 14, 2011

There are some people that struggle with their weight all their life. Other people manage to stay thin with almost no maintenance or effort in exercise. Most people are able to manage their weight if they put forth a combined effort of diet and exercise. Though, there are the rare exceptions that cannot lose weight. These people live with the struggle every day of their lives. There is no escape from it. These people end up thinking that there is no hope for them, because nothing has worked for them in the past. However, there are options becoming more available because of advances in certain technology. Together with some important scientific discoveries about human anatomy, weight loss surgery in Mexico is giving hope of better health to people that may have given up before. Obesity plagues more and more people in America, and the problem is getting worse.

The problem is not so much a lack of diet and exercise as most people think; the real problem lies in the mind. Ever since a very young age, people have trained themselves to use food as a reward mechanism in the brain. Since the brain always wants to do what it believes will make you happy, it will keep on fueling the drive to eat. Normally, our brains produce some very normal chemicals while eating that will help us to calm down, and will start the cycle for normal digestion. But, when eating is treated as a coping mechanism, the brain is slowly rewired differently and it learns that eating is now a drug for the person’s body. Every addictive drug has dangerously negative side effects, and over eating is no exception.

The body is no longer able to use its fat stores to spend energy like it used to. In addition to the physical effect of making one much heavier, the psychological effects are even more alarming. Instead of the brain transmitting the sensation of hunger to the body, it will transmit starvation. There is a way to help repair this damage to the brain. The act of eating must be rewired in the brain, but since that cannot be done manually, it must be done the natural way. The solution is to eat in normal intervals consisting of healthy foods in healthy quantities. Weight loss surgery in Mexico can help to get this process started. A gastric bypass surgery will help to calm the sensations of strong hunger sent from the body to the brain.

Other than operating on the brain, this is the most drastic blow that surgery can do to an eating addiction. The sensation of hunger does not stop unless the brain receives a signal from the stomach saying that it is full. This is where the addiction gets its satisfaction. If the brain is fooled into thinking that it is full after eating a smaller amount of food, then the healing process from the eating addiction can start. Weight loss surgery in Mexico may be one of the safest weight loss strategies that is in practice today. There are far too many people that are trying to change themselves in drastic ways.

Many of these methods are very harmful to the body, and they do not address the issues that the eating addiction is primarily presenting. Many diets will suggest healthier foods, but the same amount of food will have to be consumed in order to have satisfaction, which does not address the issue of the problematic psychological effects of obesity. Weight loss surgery in Mexico helps people begin a new lifestyle where their attempts to lose weight are actually effective now.

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