Sun Shades for Gardens: The Different Types and Prices

by GuestPoster on October 25, 2011

You need protection from UV and want to beat the heat these different types of sun shade sails provide all this.

UV Protection Garden Sun Shade Sails: Summer is on the run and you need to lounge outdoor
in your lawn or garden then this is one of the best garden shade. As these shades are for UV protection and covers a considerable area you can also apply this over a certain area over you swimming pool if you have one.

Square Shade Sails: The most common and widely used shade sails is the Square shade sails. It has a very regular symmetrical shape which adds beauty to the area. Coolaroo shade sails ranges from 11 feet to 10 inches but if you want conventional sizes you can always order them. These square shades are a little expensive then the triangle ones costing from $124.41 – 126.13.

Triangle Shade Sails: These types of shades sails are best for irregular places where square shades do not fit in. You can get these triangles shades readymade and you can buy the unstitched fabric too. The unstitched fabric cut in the perfect shape can cost you $10 per meter on the lower limit and it can cost you $400 maximum. If you are aiming for a readymade you can have cheaper one for $92.89 and $101.74 of Coolaroo.

Black Garden Sun Shades: These sun shades for gardens have tiny holes in it just ones used in greenhouses. It is best for plants as raindrops and sunlight can pass through it. The price for 1 square meter is $0.21 – $0.56 but you will have to order a minimum of 30 square meters and before ordering it measure you garden well so that no inconvenience pops.

Portable Shade Sail: A cheaper shade sale of about $44.29 is for the ones who are active and
are always on the go. This portable shade allows you to take it wherever you are planning to go for example beaches, parks and picnics. It has an average size of 9 feet 10 inches and is easily available.

Before buying a garden shade it is best to do your homework like for what do you need one and which size would be best.

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