Systems Used in Laser Skin Tightening Procedures

by GuestPoster on July 28, 2011

Since laser was introduced as a great procedure to tighten skin, various systems of it have been developed. Each of these provides their own benefits to the patient so degree of results may be different although it is one with the goal to make the skin tighter again.

There is the Aluma Skin Tightening System which uses the laser that can pass through the epidermis, meaning no incisions are needed to be made. Its machine has a touch screen feature that makes it easier for the technician to operate in. then, its handheld applicator is designed in a way that it can accurately target the skin that needs to be treated as it is equipped with a special vacuum. This allows it not to cause any damage to the adjacent tissues that does not require the treatment.

The next one is called the LuxIR Skin Tightening system. This one has a great feature added to the handheld applicator which makes it safer. The applicator is equipped with a sensor like feature wherein it will not release laser beams unless it is already in full contact with the skin. An additional feature of the device is that it can create a network of islets which allows it to gather the needed collagen from the surrounding area of the skin that is not damaged to repair the ones that needs it.

The third one is called the Polaris Skin Tightening system. This approved technology is best used to tighten the skin in the face targeting the wrinkles in the forehead as well as the crow’s feet near the eyes and the smile lines around the mouth. The laser technology here is combined with the radiofrequency energy so it can work best in treating the deeper lines in the face while improving the tone of the skin as well as its texture. Plastic surgery has less complications because the equipment that they used is hi-tech and cost less like botox prices.

Then, there is also the Titan Skin Tightening system. In this process, infrared laser are deliver by an applicator with a sapphire tip. And as it is applied to the skin, there will be the six (6) seconds cooling after the heating cycle so that the surface skin will not get damaged as the layers underneath are penetrated by the heat. As a result, skin is tauter with a more even tone.

There are still skin tightening systems out there that you may choose from as experts are still coming up with new ones. It will be just up to you which system do you prefer to tighten the skin in your face and body.

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