Take Good Care of Your Eyes

by GuestPoster on November 2, 2011

Eyes are very vital for a healthy human life, and that is the reason why you always need to get your eyes checked up. Eyes are very sensitive and need special care for they have to be with you the whole life and a sensitive thing like this should be kept safe and away from all the dangers. Dr. Kenneth Guthrie is a very well known and competent optometrist, he is well practiced and well educated, if you are looking for an optometrist, you would not regret going to OKC optometrist Dr. Guthrie for getting your eyes checked.

There are different optometrists in Oklahoma City. When you are in search of one, you must be certain about what you are searching for. The optometrist which you should look for must be the one who can handle the sight problems whether they are complicated or non – complicated. An ENT doctor’s profile must be in front of you and his expertise must be given a keen look. These profiles which are official are accurate and give a vision of what the doctor is capable and it also gives you an idea of what you might expect from the doctor. There are some tests that an optometrist would run on you.

These tests take at least one hour to be completed; these tests include visual acuteness test, extra visual tests, papillary test and finally the cover test along with several other detailed tests. Visual acuteness test tells you whether you eye sight or the sharpness of your eyes is normal or not. The other test which is called the extra ocular test, it tells that how well your eyes are moving and focusing the moving objects. And after this test, they conduct a test to see the response for your pupil’s movement in different situations. And last but not the least a cover test is conducted which tells if there is any difference between the responses of both eyes and it even checks the reaction of both eyes and from which a doctor compares the reaction. There are many other tests which would be conducted.

When you are done with these tests, you might need prescription glasses along. place of Dr Kenneth Guthrie is excellent if you want to know that what type of glasses suits you best and what are best for your face. Glasses play important role in shaping up your face so it is very important that you select the right kind of glasses for your face. Then you must select a color according to your taste and people you move with, in short you need the color which suits your personality. The next thing you might want to consider while choosing glasses is the brand and the amount of money you are going to spend on it, you might want to use the transition glasses for it will work in sun and even in indoor places. A good friend will be able to tell you which frame suits you best

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