The Best Computer Tips and Tricks

by GuestPoster on August 12, 2011

Those that know how to best use a computer get much more out of it than the average owner. They are familiar with the little items of maintenance that you can do everyday to keep your computer running optimally. When buying a new computer, it is important to choose a brand that is known for reliability and solid construction. Some companies produce computers at a very impressive price but their materials may be cheap, the construction may be hasty, and the parts may not be very well collaborated. Several of the biggest computer manufacturers today will use parts that have been produced by other companies in an effort to cut costs. It seems that most computer companies can get away with selling machines that won’t last very long, because the customer is likely to buy another one in two years anyway.

So if you plan on not having to buy a computer very soon, it is recommended that you buy a machine that will work well for you now and last for years to come. One of the best and most useful computer tips and tricks has to do with the first time you turn it on. If your new machine is a PC, you will boot up Windows and find many programs that are already installed. You may wonder what they are doing there because you didn’t have them installed. It is very likely that you will not want them; the only purpose to those programs is to expose you to some of their work, which they hope will convince you to buy more of their software. The extra software that is often called bloatware will be easy to uninstall and will free up memory space on your computer so you can have it dedicated to what you want to do.

With space in mind, it is always a good idea that you don’t keep junk on you computer that you will not use. If there are pictures or other things of sentimental value, I would recommend removing them to an external hard drive so that you will still have them, but they will not be taking up valuable performance space on your computer. Be careful what programs you get from the Internet. This is the most safety-oriented of the computer tips and tricks, and it may not seem like a big deal, but you could be very sorry if you end up getting a nasty virus. There are different forms of attacks in the form of viruses, malware, and spyware that will consume disk space and will threaten your security. Investing in a good virus protection is recommended by the manufacturers and it is certainly a good idea in regards to safety, but some of even the best services will hinder the performance of your computer in a very bad way.

It may take three times as long to boot up, there may be additional obstacles when installing the programs you want, and the worst part is that they are not flawless. There are several free versions of virus protection that will be sufficient for the normal, everyday user. The benefit of this is increased speed that would be much closer to what your computer would do when it was brand new. Other computer tips and tricks involve things like making the programs easier to use and more efficient. Many people that I know will be using the spreadsheet program, and they will copy each cell individually instead of copying the whole row. These computer tips and tricks are among the many that can help you keep your machine running the best that it can.

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