The Clever Way to Boost your Muscle Building Performance

by GuestPoster on October 25, 2011

Working out to change your body shape can be hard work. It often takes several months of exhausting yourself at the gym before you notice any improvements in your body, with many months going by at first without any signs of improvement at all. It’s so easy to lose heart at this apparent lack of progress, but it’s important to stick with it as all your hard work will pay off eventually. You can use certain sports supplements to help boost your performance along the way, though, and help you to build muscle quicker than ever before.

Protein is the most commonly taken of all the sports supplements, and it’s benefits to anyone hoping to tone and develop their muscles are well documented. After any rigorous and strenuous exercise, such as lifting weights, your muscles are left with lots of tiny tears where the tissue has stretched. As the muscles recover, these tears rejoin and it’s because of this that the muscles grow in size and strength. The regeneration process uses protein, so by increasing the amount of protein in your body you should be able to grow bigger and stronger muscles that you would do otherwise.

The easiest way of increasing your protein intake is by drinking protein shakes twice a day. These are sold as a tub of powder, and you just need to mix a small amount of this powder with water to make a milkshake-like drink. Drinking one of these in the morning after your breakfast and one just after you finish your workout, will build up a good source of protein in your body and provide a boost for when you need it most. Protein shakes can be expensive to buy, and usually have an acquired taste – they can also leave you feeling quite bloated when you first start, as it takes your digestive system a little while to get used to them. They are, though, the best way to supplement your workout routine.

For building muscle quickly there is perhaps one other type of supplement that is well worth taking – energy supplements are designed to give you a boost in your energy levels just as you’re starting your workout, increasing the performance and intensity of the weights session you are about to embark upon. These products are usually sold as either a shot-sized drink, or can also be found in powdered form for you to mix up yourself. They mostly contain a substance called creatine, which is considered to be the best pre workout supplement that you can take. Creatine is found naturally in the body as an amino acid, and is used primarily to supply energy to your muscles. So, by increasing the amount of creatine that you have in your system, you should increase the energy your muscles have for your workout.

Energy supplements can also sometime contain a range of natural stimulants, such as caffeine, in order to give you a natural high and a bit of a buzz to help you tune in and focus on your workout. Some people find that these can be a disadvantage, particularly if you exercise in the evenings, as having caffeine coursing through your system can stop you getting the good night’s rest that your body needs to recover and grow muscle. It’s always important, therefore, if you’re considering taking energy supplements to check through the list of ingredients and try to match them to your workout schedule.

These two sports supplements won’t cause you to sprout muscles overnight, but they will help to significantly boost your performance – you’ll still need to put in plenty of hard work, but this hard work will reward you with a dramatically improved body shape quicker than ever before.

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