The Disadvantages Of A Labeling Machine

by GuestPoster on October 20, 2011

Technology has brought with it machines that can do almost anything. Today there is machinery that can perform simple tasks of applying labels on surfaces. An example of these devices is a labelling machine which is made to place all sorts of labels on different kinds of surfaces. This machine is used extensively especially in businesses, it however has the following disadvantages.

A labeling machine brings with it large expenses of purchasing. One has to part with a couple thousands of dollars before they can acquire their own device of this kind. Even the simplest models that are hand held come at a fairly high price which is difficult for many to meet. The costs that come with buying this machine are definitely higher that what would be dealt with if manual labelling was to be done.

Speaking of manual labelling, this machine has taken over the jobs that were being done by thousands of people. With more companies taking on the concept of automation there has been the loss of jobs for those people who worked as manual labellers. This has had a negative impact on the economy because a solution of faster processing speeds has been found in one sense and in the other there has been an incomparable loss of livelihoods.

It takes a lot of effort at time to learn how to operate and advanced model of a labelling machine. In the event that this device is bought for company use there has to be the allocation of funds which will be used to train employees on how to operate the device. The other bad side to this fact is that regular training of staff is necessary with each new and more advanced model of a labelling machine. There are also high chances of breakdowns or damages as a result of lack of knowledge on how to use the advanced labellers.

There are also high operational costs that are linked to the use of a label printing machine. These relate to things such as costs of electricity which is used to run the machines as well as regular maintenance. Such costs are incurred on a regular basis since the machines have to be used all the time especially in manufacturing industries. As compared to the paying of manual labour to handle the labelling process it is noted that a labelling machine has more operational costs.

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