The Eureka 71B

by GuestPoster on April 17, 2011

If you are looking for a nice hand-held vacuum you might want to consider the Eureka 71B. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight durable and portable. With a cost of under $50.00 it is a great addition to your cleaning supplies.

This nice hand-held vacuum has a strong 5.5 amp with a lot of suction power. There are two motors on this vacuum cleaner one which powers the revolving brush and the second is for the motor. This allows a lot of power to handle your vacuuming needs.

The vacuum weighs a little less than 6 pounds which makes it great when you do not need a full size vacuum cleaner. The Eureka 71B vacuum comes with an extra long 20-foot cord which will wrap up nicely for storage. It is located on the side of you vacuum cleaner. It has a deluxe hose that easily stretches 3 times its length allowing you to get into all types of hard to reach locations with ease. The Eureka 71B also comes with an onboard crevice tool. Eureka’s 71B has a rise visor for carpeted stairs. This is a clear plastic cover that is for cleaning horizontal surfaces and then flips up for vertical carpet or stairs risers.

The Eureka 71B has a filer and a clear plastic dust cup that can be cleaned out when necessary. This will save you money since you do not have to purchase vacuum cleaner bags. The filter is very easy to remove and reattach.

Some of the uses for this very handy vacuum can be for cleaning your car, sofas and carpeted stairs. It also is powerful enough to clean everyday dirt including pet hair. The Eureka 71B is a little heavier than some other hand held vacuum cleaners but feels likes a more durable product because of it.

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