The Good And The Bad Of Cheetah Print Wallpaper

by GuestPoster on August 25, 2011

Trends in interior décor have made it possible for different people to have their fantasy looks right at the center of their homes. Different looks from a variety of inspirations can be achieved with the proper use of décor accessories. A popular jungle fantasy can be achieved through decorating with cheetah print wallpaper. Out of the many types of animal prints this is by far the most commonly used and the most versatile. This is why in most homes there is little resistance in using the prints on walls. This article will discuss some of the good and the bad sides of cheetah print wallpaper.

Where this type of wallpaper has been used only one or two or even no other accompanying accessories with the cheetah print have to be added. Where cheetah print wallpaper has been used it is often advised that jungle inspired accessories are used so as to accompany the prints look. The good thing about the cheetah prints is that they can be used in exclusion of other jungle themed accessories and the room can steel have a touch of elegance and wild in it.

Using cheetah prints on the walls maintains a jovial feeling in a room. The cheetah prints are very vibrant and the feeling that they bring with them can be transferred into a room user’s personality and mood. In the end a homeowner can enjoy living in a space that lifts his spirits even on a dull day.

The use of cheetah wallpaper is a good way for an individual’s personality to be expressed. Many of the times that this type of wallpaper is used say; in masculine rooms it gives an air of strength and fierceness.

The bad side to this type of wallpaper is that it can get boring very easily. Despite the fact that the cheetah prints have been in use for a very long time now their acceptance has been fluctuation in trends that consider the prints hot, dull, and with time they are avoided completely.

It is difficult for anyone to be able to effectively decorate with cheetah print wallpaper. There are so many rules governing the use of the cheetah prints by themselves and with other prints or colors that it gets tiring for people to use them. This is why for the most part even those who love the prints avoid decorating with them.

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