The Process And The Cost Of Liposuction

by GuestPoster on January 20, 2012

Undergoing liposuction can be a life-changing choice for those who opt to go through it. Imagine losing most, if not all, of your body fat through the magic of surgery, and all without having to go through a rigid diet or an exhausting thrice-weekly exercise routine. Liposuction may not give the same benefits as weight loss through diet and exercise, but it does wonders to one’s appearance and self-confidence, and can also be the perfect motivation to start a healthier lifestyle to help one keep his or her new and slimmer shape.

The process of liposuction first starts with a consultation from the plastic surgeon. To make sure you only get the best professional treatment, always check that the doctor is registered under the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A good plastic surgeon will give you the services you deserve as well as the treatment that only an extensive education and experience will give. He or she can also present you with the newest liposuction procedures, like Vaser liposuction, so you will know which one you will prefer and would suit your body type better.

After a consultation, the doctor will give you an average of how much the liposuction will cost. The more work is performed on removing the fat from the body, the higher the cost of liposuction will be. Most surgeons will have a list of different liposuction procedures, such as a package where the surgery can be performed during the same day on more than one area, and which will cost less than getting liposuction at different times. If it turns out that you only need liposuction on one area, such as the stomach, and then the surgeon can recommend other alternatives, such as a tummy tuck. And since a tummy tuck cost is similar to that of a liposuction but with the added benefit of skin removal, you will get a better result for pretty much the same price.

Liposuction requires that an incision be made into the skin, where a specially-made hollow metal tube can be inserted and used to suck the fat out. The different liposuction procedures basically use means to help the fat removal easier, like ultrasound, water, or special solutions that will loosen the fatty tissue. This means that a longer and harder liposuction procedure such as those on the abdomen and breast will cost more, sometimes more than ten thousand dollars on one area of the body; while easier areas like the back and the facial area will cost around two thousand to six thousand dollars. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure and generally not covered by insurance, but for those who get great results from an accredited surgeon, the cost is definitely worth every penny for the help it gives to their appearance and self-esteem.

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