The Tough Synthetic Turf Decisions

by GuestPoster on December 17, 2010

When looking for the right type of artificial grass to suit your needs you have to take into account exactly what the surface is going to be used for. There are at least two different types of artificial grass products and you can probably add a few more if you want to include indoor surfaces as well. Each of the different types of turf will be made with a weave density that will differ from the others and they will also be filled with a different amount of infill to the others.

All of these considerations are going to have an effect on the price of the artificial grass as well as the maintenance requirements and their effects on the environment. Any or all of these factors may be important to you and should be dealt with before you get to the point where you are going to decide on which artificial grass for sale you actually want to buy.

The two chief types of artificial grass are the sporting grass and the residential grass. They are not interchangeable and one will not be considered as a replacement for the other. Residential synthetic grass is designed to look like a thick, lush and healthy lawn. It is going to consist of grass fibers that are relatively long and these fibers will be placed quite densely so that the appearance of a healthy lawn is maintained. On the other hand, sporting grass is designed for the specific sport that is going to be played on it. The grass is shorter, particularly if a ball is going to roll over it and the amount of infill is going to be greater to aid the player’s mobility across the surface. Choosing the type of synthetic grass you need out of these options should be fairly straightforward.

What may not be quite so straightforward could be the cost of the synthetic grass and your perception of what is cheap or expensive. When you are facing a large bill for the cost of the grass it may be difficult to think forward to the savings that installing the grass are going to bring. Remember that over the life of your synthetic grass, it is very likely going to work out to cost less than remaining with a natural grass lawn.

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