Things You Need to do Before You Try to Win Your Ex Back

by Kelvin Redfield on September 8, 2011

Getting your ex back can be difficult sometime. One misstep can ruin your chance to reunite with your ex forever. In other word, every steps that you are doing to win your ex back is extremely crucial. It is obviously it takes more than a few apology or making empty promises and hope for the best. It is just a wishful thinking. The reality doesn’t work like that. Not when it comes to saving your broken relationship.

Whether you want to pursuit the quest to win your ex back or not, the first you need to do is asking yourself. Why would you want to get your ex back? Your feeling is important. There is no point for you to win her back if you don’t love her anymore and doing it just because you invested so much time on her. It is a bad and stupid action. You end up hurting your ex and yourself.

Ok, now you figure out that you still love your ex and can’t live without your ex. Good. Now you need to adjust your approach and do some preparations before you meet your ex. Learning how to get your ex back requires a lot of preparations and thinking. This is crucial. Do not act loosely according to your emotion and feeling. It can be a disaster. There are so many common mistakes that you need to refrain from doing it such as refusing to accept the breakup, being disrespectful to your ex’s feeling or decisions, using guilt and manipulations tactics or intimidating your ex.

You need to understand and accept why breakup occurred in your relationship. It may hurt inside to accept that your relationship with your ex is over. But this does not mean that you should give up on your ex and move on, especially when you still love your ex. You just simply restart from everything with your ex. Respecting your ex decision is actually giving you a better light about your character.

Just remember that almost all breakups can be reversed if you stop acting like an immature kid. First thing you need to do is you need to summon up the strength to stop irrational thoughts and erratic behaviors from affecting your decision making process. Don’t let your anger or jealously hinder your thought process. There is a reason why the breakup occurred and it is up to you to figure it out and find the solution for it.

Also, it is recommended for you to stay strong and think positively. Not all breakups are bad. Sometimes a breakup can be a good thing as it serves as a warning sign that both of you must adapt and change in order to have better love life in the future. It is unrealistic for one to change overnight, but that does not mean you should not change or improve your character. You can do it slowly.

Also, it would be wise for you for not making any contact with your ex within this moment. Doing something like constant calling, messaging, emailing will only make you look like a stalker. Be frank, it is creepy. It will drive your chance to reunite with your ex further away. Instead, you show to your ex that you want live well without your ex. Being positive outlook is a great quality that attract both men and women, and your ex is not exceptional.

Once you are mentally and psychically prepared, and everything is cooling down, you can ask your ex out for a reconciling. For more advanced techniques or strategy to win your ex back, please visit HERE.

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