Three Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Making Vinyl Lettering

by GuestPoster on September 25, 2011

There are three major mistakes you need to avoid when making vinyl lettering. They are pretty much obvious things, and we wouldn’t need to restate them, were it not for the fact that we see so many people making the said mistakes. All this is against a background where you’d be making the vinyl letters with the objective of ultimately using them to make a sign, a banner, a billboard or something else along those lines. Incidentally, these are also mistakes you’d need to avoid when buying ready-made letters (in case you opt to buy ready-made vinyl letters, rather than making your own). In all those cases, you have to keep it in mind the vinyl letters will ultimately form the message on whatever signage product you come up with. Indeed, the people seeing the sign, billboard or banner mainly see the vinyl lettering – and not the backgrounds against which they are laid.

The three mistakes you really need to avoid when making (or buying) vinyl lettering include:

Making (or buying) vinyl letters which are too small. In these sorts of things, size tends to be relative, such that what may be termed as ‘too small’ in one context may qualify to be viewed as ‘too huge’ in another context. But for every signage product, it should be quite easy to work out what the ideal font size to go with would be. Now if you make vinyl letters that are too small, your message won’t get out efficiently. You have to keep it in mind that most people don’t really have time to stop and concentrate to read signs, billboards or banners. They only pay such things cursory attention, as they go about their other (‘more important’) day to day undertakings. Thus, if you use very small vinyl lettering in making your signage products, such that a person looking at it from a distance has to pay close attention to get its message, chances are that it will simply be ignored.

Making (or buying) vinyl letters which are too huge. Again, what qualifies to be termed as ‘too huge’ vinyl lettering really depends on the specific project. But most people will tell when vinyl lettering that is manifestly too huge is used in making a signage product. Such signs, banners or billboards end up looking amateurish. They send the message that whoever made the sign or banner is perhaps too desperate to communicate whatever they are trying to communicate. And as we all know, desperation is a huge turn-off to most people. The signage products also look rather overcrowded, and therefore repelling to the eye. Thus, while the vinyl lettering you use shouldn’t be too small as to be unreadable, it shouldn’t at the same time be so huge (relative to the medium it is laid upon) that it repels readers.

Making (or buying) vinyl letters of the wrong colors. There are two mistakes that can be made in this regard. The first one would be where you go with vinyl lettering colors that don’t stand out against the background (that is, the color of the medium on which the vinyl letters are laid). This way, your message may not be communicated efficiently. And the second one would be where you go with colors that totally clash with the medium on which they are laid. This way, you end up with a sign (or banner or whatever other signage product) that is potentially repellant to color-sensitive viewers.

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