Three Most Effective Natural Acne Treatment

by Kelvin Redfield on May 18, 2011

Having acne is never a pleasant experience. No one loves to have acne on their face. Not only that, acne is also very stubborn to get rid of. There are so many skin care products available nowadays yet there is no sign of acne problems declining. Many people still suffered from the acne. If you are one of the acne sufferers, then there is a decent chance that you have already tried so many skin care products to get rid of acne and yield no results. I’m not saying that the skin care products aren’t working, but obviously not everyone shares the same skin types. Some of these products might work on a certain user while others may find these products disappointing, especially when these products are cheap.

Good thing is that there are some inexpensive options to treat your acne condition. Well, some of these natural remedies may not work for everyone, but at least you can rest assure that there won’t be any harsh side-effect when you are using them. Here is three best natural acne treatments that widely used by many acne sufferers to treat their severe acne.

Tea tree Oil: This is one of the best natural acne treatments that you can find nowadays. It is because of its ability to kill viruses, fungi and bacteria without harming your skin. It is always recommended using it after you washed your face. Simply apply the tea tree oil on the affected skin. Given enough time, it can lessen the pimple inflammation and kill the germs on your skin. It also hastens your skin healing. Tea tree oil, it is just like other natural acne products, does not remove acne over night. For the best result, try to applying it twice a day. Keep doing it until the acne gone away.

Aloe Vera Gel: I bet that you should have at least seen aloe Vera plants on the TV in your life. This plant is easy to grow and is available all over the world. It also has the antiseptic properties that will kill the germ and bacteria from causing the infection on your skin. The aloe Vera also can be taken internally. It is often being used as an ingredient to certain herbal acne remedies. When it is ingested, it regulates hormones. Hormones imbalance is one of the reason that can trigger acne. Another benefit of using aloe Vera is its amazing healing effect; it can removes acne scars. So, it isn’t surprising to see why aloe Vera is a popular ingredient to acne soaps or gels.

Acne Diet: You are what you eat. This is surprising accurate when it comes to acne. If you had been consuming nothing but junk foods or oily foods in your life, it is not weird for you to have acne on your face. So, in order to prevent more acne breakout, one should integrate fresh fruits and vegetables in his meals. This is because that vitamin A, E and the B actually helps your body system to combat acne effectively. So, eating any foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrition are advisable. Also, drinking plenty of water also helps your body to flush all the toxins away. Less toxin in the body, healthier skin.

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