Tips in Making a Less Expensive Decoy Spread

by GuestPoster on December 18, 2010

Let’s face it, the bigger goose decoy spread you have, the more beneficial would it be in your goose hunting. But come to think of it, goose decoys are not the only tool that hunters need to be fully equipped for goose hunting. Before they even think of buying these goose counterfeits, they have spent over $2000 in their gun, boots, clothes, calls, blinds and other hunting paraphernalia’s.

On top of this, they still need to fill up 30 or 50 dozens of decoys in their spread to lure the birds to come down. Goose Decoys cost around $100 to $150 per dozen but there are some that cost considerably more such as the Dave Smith Decoys. Surely, this is quite an expensive game wherein a hunter could spend thousands of dollars before even setting his foot on the field. But for wise hunters, money is not the real issue here. It only takes a matter of innovations and techniques to come up with a good spread without having to spend so much.

Hence every hunter should:

  • Grasp the idea that not every decoy needs to be a perfect full bodied goose decoy. Otherwise, the expense that you would incur would be very overwhelming, especially for an amateur goose hunter.
  • Use many cheap goose decoys and build a nice spread at a reasonable cost. One way of doing this is to purchase 2 to 3 dozens of very high quality decoys and use alternative low cost decoy to complete your spread. Remember that geese flying from afar don’t really see every detail of your lay out. The most important is to get their attention and convince them to come down on the field.
  • Look for decoy brands that have reasonable prices for you to fill a spread in a fairly economical price. Examples of these are the “Carrylites” and “silosocks”. You can group these cheap decoys closer so the geese will not easily know of their identity as they land. On the other hand, you can use the full bodied decoys out in the open to attract the geese up close as they get near the field. Do not be so scared on using cheap decoys. Other hunters even use Clorox bottles and white rags just to fill their spread and still come out successful in their hunt.
  • Search for retired goose hunters or those who are planning to replace their old decoys. Surely, you can get them in a very low price. A great bargain can also be seen on line, during off season or in classified ads. You can look for a reasonable cost in Ebay.
  • Look for other ways to come up with a decoy without spending so much. You can do your own innovations as well. Use can use a white rag tied to a post just to give a whiter look to your field. The snow geese are looking for the contrast at high altitudes and the white specks are all that is needed. You can tap linen companies and ask for their throw out towels for this purpose.  But of course you have to mix this with real decoys to give a realistic look to your field.  Old milk jug will also do the work. Some hunters tried it by drilling a hole and placing a dowel through the bottle to resemble goose decoys. It works best due to its light weight allowing it to be moved by the wind.

As it has been said, if there’s a will, there’s a way. So if you’re really into goose hunting, do what you can to make it even closest to the ideal. It’s just a matter of determination and confidence that you can do it even in your own simple ways. And always remember to have some fun along the way.

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