Start To Train Your Dog When Its Still Puppy

by Kelvin Redfield on April 13, 2011

No matters what era you are from, dog is always known as man’s best friend, and it is still applying in our today society. Well, it is completely understandable for a man to think that dog is his best friend. After all, the dog is a natural forgiving creature and has a strong unconditional loyalty and faith towards his owner.

As a dog owner, it is your job to take care of your dog, and their behaviors. If your dogs have a behavior problem, then you should take action immediately and teach your dog to behave. It would be the best if you teach your dog during its puppy-hood. Teaching a mature dog is proven difficult than teaching a puppy. In other word, puppy training is extremely important as this will form all the basis of all future learning.

The most basic yet useful techniques or tricks that you should teach to your dog should be, coming when called, learning to sit, fetch and stay, dropping items on command, and potty training. Teaching all these skills to your dog can be extremely challenging. You need a lot of patience and consistency to deal with this challenge, but you are not going unrewarded once the training succeeds.

The dog training is not as complicated as you think. The step that you need to do is pretty straightforward. Basically, you train your dog by providing a praise or treat to your dog. What you really need to do is doing this step over and over again, for every day. Yes, repetition. This reward system is proven to be the most successful when it comes to dog training.

Dog is just like human. They have a distinct personality and character. Some dogs can exhibit a certain skill at the early age. This will be a signal to the dog owners or trainers that they are capable or suitable for doing certain tasks; guarding or hunting. This will make the whole training easier to pull off if you know your dog’s strength.

Before you get or bring a new puppy to your home, it is recommended for you to do some research of the breeds that you want get. Knowing the specific breed’s character, strengths and weakness ahead of time can make a difference for your home. You also need to take the consideration of the living space of your puppy. If your dogs will be living indoors most of the time, then it is wise for you to get small breeds such as Maltese, Beagle, or Yorkshire Terriers. These breeds are more suitable for a small house.

If you want to train your dog to be well-mannered, please visit HERE for the detailed information and steps.

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