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by GuestPoster on August 16, 2011

If you love to travel, what countries do you visit? The Far East is a great place to goto. The Far East is South-Eastern and Eastern Asia. The Far East is well known for countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and also Malaysia.

Within the region, none is more wonderful than Malaysia. Mind-blowing culture, stunning scenery, and friendly locals. These are all found in Malaysia. Malaysia also produces delicious cuisine. The country’s climate is usually warm or hot for the entire year. The only unenjoyable season is the rainy season.

The country is served by lots of airlines. The majority of international flights arrive in the capital city Kuala Lumpur. The nation’s most popular airline, Malaysian Airlines, is based at KL.

When you fly with Malaysia Airlines (MAS), you can select economy, business or first class.

First class travelers can enjoy the following benefits:

A maximum of 40Kg of check-in baggage permitted

Stay connected! Go online during the flight

Luxurious reclining leather-upholstered seat

On Business Class ticket benefits:

Up to 30Kg checked in luggage allowed

Special waiting room for while you are waiting

Plenty of space for your legs

Advantages of using Malaysian Airlines Economy Class

Up to 20Kg baggage limit

Choose your seat using the Malaysian Air webpage

Additional comfort for longer flights

Each traveler has a personal entertainment screen

The airline flies to every continent aside from Antarctica. You can visit any one of over a hundred destinations using the airline. In addition, the important Kangaroo Route is frequented by Malaysian Airlines. The Kangaroo Route is the plane journeys between Austraiia and London. Even the huge Singapore Air has ended up threatened by Malaysian Airways. Singapore Airways and Malaysian Airlines challenge one other. Originally the two airlines were in business one airline.

Malaysian Airlines is reasonably priced. The highest value are longer journeys. Get hold of a ticket online through the MAS Airline online booking webpage. It is usually quickest when reserving on the web. Malaysian Airways’ service is very good.

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