Turn Back Time with Woodwick Candles

by GuestPoster on December 27, 2010

Candles are wonderful pieces that give beauty and ambiance to a home or places like spas and rooms where you meditate.  One of the most adorable candles to give on occasions are woodwick candles. These are scented and enticing candles that intrigue most people who see them in stores.  It is different compared to other candles because it is made of pure organic wood and it sets out a sound which is similar to woods burning in a fireplace.

This candle is amazing because it personifies the traditional wood place at home in a miniature kind.  It looks so special and sophisticated, but above all it is an environmental friendly piece of art.  These candles sell like hotcakes especially on holiday seasons.

Aside from the flickering sound the wick produces, what sets this candle different is its fragrance that is so evident and amplifying.  It is distributed well in the candle and it emits fragrance althroughout the place once it starts burning.  It will definitely make you feel soothe and relax as you smell on the fragrance and hear the flick sound it produces.

There are varieties of scents to choose from in purchasing this type of candle.  You can choose from the floral ones like rose petals, lilies, and jasmine or get in touch with nature and earthly scents like water mint, sheer woods, wine, cinnamon, blueberry and cellar.  These are only some of the fragrance it offers.

Woodwick will make an ideal gift to people who are away from the comfort of their homes.  This will remind them of their place as they lit the candle and hear the flicker sound.  They can almost imagine how it is to sit in their favorite couch in front of the fireplace.  These are also favorable to the environment because of the material used such as organic woods, soya wax and bees wax plus scented oils that gives out the irresistible fragrance.  The fume is also safe since it is non-combustible.

Other than being presents, these candles are also used in spas.  This is to elevate the relaxing and therapeutic ambience to relieve people from stress and calm their senses as they get their massages.

Aside from the fact that the candle itself is eco-friendly, manufacturers tend to wrap it in a recyclable package as well.  They are sealed in a jar with wooden lids to give out better light and scent.  It is also ready to be given out as gifts.  Woodwick candles are available in your local stores or online.  You can buy them per piece and some are sold as wholesale candles.

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