Two Non Surgical Liposuction Injection Treatments

by GuestPoster on August 17, 2011

Non surgical liposuction alternatives come in many forms. One of the most popular is the injection method used by systems like Lipotherapy or Lipodisolve. Lipotherapy is also known as Mesotherapy and is considered a medical specialty. Lipodissolve in more popular in the United States and produces more immediate effects than Mesotherapy.

Both non surgical lipo treatments inject a chemical solution directly into the treatment area. Mesotherapy actually injects only a drop into the deep layer of the skin where the solution sits until it is slowly absorbed into the fatty tissue over the course of several weeks. Lipodissolve injects its solution directly into the fatty layer and in a much larger quantity.

Due to the smaller dosage and slower absorption rate, Mesotherapy is less painful and results will improve over the course of several weeks. Lipodissolve on the other hand can cause discomfort, swelling and irritation as the solution immediately goes into effect. The particular chemical that causes the swelling is phosphatidyl choline. Some mesotherapist today include this chemical into their injection which is why some Mesotherapy patients report swelling and irritation. Any patient has a right to question the ingredients used in any type of treatment.

The chemicals injected into the body react with the fat in different ways. Lipodissolve actually breaks up fat into a liquefied substance to be removed naturally by the body’s lymphatic system. Mesotherapy breaks up the fat molecules so they are released by the fat cells. The released fatty substance is metabolized and removed using the same mechanism as in Lipodissolve and most other non surgical lipo systems.

Anyone considering a non invasive, non surgical alternative to liposuction should consult with a trained provider. The limitation is that only a small amount of fat can be treated and anyone with goals larger than that will probably require liposuction surgery. Visit for more information about liposuction surgery and alternative ways to reduce body fat.

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