Uncovering High Paying Adsense Keywords

by GuestPoster on December 29, 2010

What exactly are high paying adsense keywords anyway?  A lot of the net is a-buzz with such phrases as if there is some sort of golden goose that is laying little eggs all over the place and encouraging one and all to make money really easily.  Well here’s the news, it’s not easy.

Moreover, even if you do follow certain rules and suggestions the chances are that you are not going to easily find those keywords.  Yes, there are some keywords that look like they are ripe pickings in the finance industry, say, but anyone who has been in the adsense business will tell you that anything that is in insurance or in finance market is a terrible idea.  It takes months of hard work to rank.

Should you still go for those keywords?  Hell yes!  If it is possible then you should go for it because the payoff at the end of a few months is so worth it, but to get there is hard.  I suggest that you have a handful of killer but really hard keywords always knocking around whilst you are ranking much easier content.

However, don’t think that the easy stuff won’t produce.  No matter which formula you use, you are going to find some keywords that don’t perform as well as you might have expected, and you will uncover many other keywords that you didn’t expect to do well that suddenly draw in larger amounts of traffic for a high click through rate, and a medium CPC.  And after all, these are the three key parts to the formula for finding high paying keywords.

The best way of uncovering great keywords is to simply take the information that you have already found for the easier keywords.  Put simply, l have recently been checking out the stats of my related keywords for some of my hubs.  I realised that although I was ranking really highly for my main keywords, people were finding me with related keywords.  And I found that hundreds of people were using the same phrases to find my kind of content on the web!    However, they were never making it to my articles because I hadn’t optimised for those keywords on and off my site.  The answer was simple: point more links at my pages and make sure that I included those new keywords.  I should be able to increase my google footprint by a further 1000 visitors a month!

This article was created by Andrew Gee, who despite being a dad still finds time to write about whatever he feels like, and make money from it too.  Just recently he has been writing about  free personal accounting software reviews and seeing how best to use online accounting software.

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