Understanding And Using Golf Tees

by GuestPoster on December 13, 2010

To hold a ball in one position, a tee is usually used. This will allow the player to make a clear strike on the ball. In the sport called golf, a personalized golf tees are used to initiate the game of a golfer. You can only use a golf tee during a tee shot, the first strike. After that, golf tees are not allowed to be used anymore. But, there are times that this particular rule is bended, especially during winter. Golf course management may allow the use of golf tees in order to protect their turf.

An ordinary golf tee, which is usually two and one-eight inch in length, is usually made from plastic or wood. One is allowed to use golf tees which are longer or shorter than the standard length of two and one-eight inch, but should not be longer than four inches. You can find some additional features in such golf tees. Zero friction is one of these added features. With a holster, it is an adjustment that is used to maintain a position of a golf ball. Even in small ways, golf tees that are made with the use of recyclable materials can aid in the conservation of trees.

There are certain adjustments needed before a game is perfected. As for golf, the use of golf tees as it is today is one of them. At the beginnings of golf, heaps of sand placed in small boxes was used as tees by players. Hence, the term tee box was created. Another ingenious golf tee version is one that needed to be laid down flat on the turf. This had a part that is raised, where the player would place the ball. Another earlier kind of a golf tee was a rubber topped peg. The use of golf tees widened during the 1920′s using pegs on which, their tops were flared. Flared topped golf tee became popularly used because of a great move of a certain scientist. He asked some of the most famous golfers to use his experimental golf tee, and true enough other golfers followed afterwards.

Golf tees play a great part in the game of a golfer. Longer trajectories are made for their golf balls even at the start of their game, and onwards, whenever allowed to do so. The teeing ground is the designated area where one of a golfers personalised golf balls is teed. The usage of a golf tee will depend on the kind of shot that has to be made. Such are used in order to make their drive shots better. The role of golf tees is indispensable. So, be sure to bring your golf tees whenever you have a game.

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