Using Your Wedding Cake Stand After You’ve Tied The Knot

by GuestPoster on February 15, 2011

We all go through the wonderful hoopla of the wedding day, spending lots of time working up to the special occasion, hours of set up time after spending countless amounts of money on things that cannot be used after the wedding day.  So when you do have the opportunity to cherish something from your day, grab the opportunity!  One of the best keepsakes left after weddings are wedding cake stands.  What are some ways you can use them after they’ve been used for their main purpose?  Here we give you some ideas.

Serve Petit Fours at a Tea Party

Invite the ladies for an afternoon luncheon to thank them all for their participation in the wedding festivities.  If you received your wedding cake stand as a gift from one of your guests, it will be especially wonderful for her to see her gift being used and in such a unique and endearing way. Petit fours, sandwiches and cookies, mini slices of cake or fresh berries – anything goes.  As long as it is visible and perhaps even a centerpiece on your table, it will be a wonderful addition to your occasion.

Display Fruit with a Chocolate Fondue

On your first anniversary, surprise your partner with a special fondue set up using the piece that was last used as a couple to cut your wedding cake together.  He or she will be delighted as you remind them of your special day.  Not to mention, a fondue and a chocolate one at that is a very romantic way to celebrate your first anniversary.

Arrange After-Dinner Goodies for Guests

After dinner mints and truffles can be beautifully arranged in your cake stand and the results will delight your guests.  Serve tea and coffee on a separate buffet table on the side, with your stand filled with goodies previously set up.  You can dress it up a bit by adding a few fresh flowers here and there amongst the sweets for extra elegance.

A wedding cake stand can give you years of use after the fact, ranging from use in dinner parties, as a table centerpiece or a way to display a collection of small-stemmed silk flowers.  Enjoy!

Written by Chloe from DIY Wedding Invitations – for items that you cannot reuse at least spend less money on them by making them yourself.

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