Want To get Your Ex Back? Here Is Some Simple Tips For You

by Kelvin Redfield on September 7, 2011

Breakup is a very common thing to happen among the couples. Almost 80% of young couples experienced a breakup somewhere in their life, and most of them just learn how to move on instead of trying to save their broken relationship. Maybe because many of them do not know that one can save his broken relationship, especially when he still love his ex and get breakup due to little misunderstanding. If you look at this, don’t you think it is a bit silly to let go a relationship because of some disagreement or misunderstanding? The fact is, almost 90% of the breakup can be reversed as long as you know what to do to win your ex back.

The breakup tends to happen when the couples are not longer able to tolerate with his partner‘s behavior or a small misunderstanding take place. The very first thing you need to do to win your ex back is to determine the exact reason why the breakup occurred. This is very important step. Whether you successfully win your ex back or not, the information that you got from the previous breakup can be handful, especially when you are committing to a new relationship. I mean, you do not want to repeat the same mistakes, and end up breakup with your new partner in the same way as you did with your ex. Isn’t it?

So, you figured out the reason of the breakup. The next thing you need to do is to make sure that you do not look needy. It is understandable for one to feel that he needs to express his thought that he cannot live without his ex to his ex, but this act is actually kind of pointless and do not contribute much to saving your relationship. In fact, this kind of action wills only makes your ex annoyed or perhaps, disgusted. Instead, you should stay strong in term of mentality and psychically. This will let your ex know that you can stand well with your own two feet. This gives everyone the impression that you are strong and reliable, and you are not desperate or pathetic who cannot live on his own. Acting needy will only push your chance with your ex further away. If anything works perfectly, she is the one who will crawl back to your side.

Trying to make your ex jealous is, in fact, one of the silliest thing you can do, especially when you want to win her back to your side. All this going to do is to show to your ex back you have moved on, and your ex should not wait for you anymore and should be move on. The thing that you should do is to make her to think that you are the best thing in her life, and there is no one can compares to what you can offer for her. Also, do not get upset or frustrated when you saw someone also try to woo your ex. It is an open fair game now as she is not longer yours.

Getting your ex back is not rocket science. It is doable as long as you are prepared and figure out what went wrong in your previous relationship. It is all about confidence and preparations. You want to impress your ex by showing that you are changed and now a better person than your old self. Acting needy or threatening your ex is not an option at all. Girls love mature, caring and confidence guy. This is a very simple concept to understand.

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