Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne – Strategy To Beat Insane AI

by Kelvin Redfield on February 9, 2011

Beating Insane AI in Warcraft 3 is not easy, especially when you are a newbie. Unlike the campaign AI, the Insane AI is more aggressive and brutal. There are few reasons why Insane AI is so tough to beat. First of all, they cheat. In resource wise, whether the player gains 10 resources per trip, the Insane AI gains double amount of it per trip. This make the battle of attrition somewhat ineffective against computer. It is almost impossible to starve the AI under the normal condition. Secondly, the micro management. Again, it is ridiculous hard to out micro the AI. They can throw all the spells at your forces instantly, and at the same time, they can keep their armies casualty to minimum. Clashing with the Insane AI without any decent micro management is asking for game over. Lastly, they “know” your starting base location.

So, how can you beat this “monster”?

Well, despite that Insane AI has so many advantage over the player, there are flaws within it. First of all, the computer cannot handle the rush wisely. Despite of having a huge resource at their side, they are not utilizing it wisely. Instead of building huge armies and take you down, they rather focus on upgrading their base and creeping. This is a good news as this will give you enough time to build your armies. They will only attack your base if they “calculate” that your base is defenseless for too long. With a good micro management and timing, you can take the computer base with a decent force and one hero. The computer base are usually vulnerable until they got their tier-2 building.

Expanding a new base in the early game is never a good choice. Doing this will make the computer attack you in an aggressive manner. Even if you manage to defend your new base, it usually will leave your armies worn out and unable to fend the next incoming wave. Remember that Insane computer has twice amount of resources? They have no problem to re-train their forces and launch the next wave.

If you are playing the game too defensively, then you should be prepare for the worst nightmare. Given enough time, the Insane AI will complete their “ultimate armies”, which consists of many different units of their races, and will attack your base. Their “ultimate armies” basically a balance army, which it can counter anything that you can throw at them. Enhance with their godly micro management, even with your full forces, you may lose your entire fleet during the clash.

However, if you look closely at the computer’s ultimate armies, there is a big flaw within it. They may have decent anti-air unit, but definitely not the strong one. Basically, all you need to do is to massing air unit. You may lose a few air unit during the clash but so do they. Once their anti-air unit is gone, the computer is helpless to your remaining air units. Taking in consideration that most of the warcraft 3 ground units are not capable to attack air unit. Using this strategy, you only need a minimum micro management to beat them.

Here are the air units that you should mass for each race:

Humans: Gryphon + Dragonhawk + Heroes Orc: Wind Rider + Lv2 Shaman + Heroes Undead: Destroyer + Frost Wyrm + Heroes Night Elf: Chimera + Druid Of Talon (crow form) + Heroes.

For your note, the human Insane AI is the hardest to beat compare to other races. It is mainly because of the annoying Paladin. His presence alone greatly enhance the survivability of his force.

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