Ways in Which Real Estate Buyers Agents Can Help With Property Purchase Negotiations

by GuestPoster on November 7, 2011

There are at least three ways in which real estate buyers agents can help with the whole range of property purchase negotiation processes. This is against a background where lengthy negotiations usually take place, before real estate purchase deals are struck and sealed. These negotiations usually touch on, among other things:

The amount of money to be paid for the properties. This is usually the biggest issue of contention. The sellers will tend to be keen on getting the highest prices for their properties, even as the buyers show keenness on paying the least sums of money on the properties.

How the payments for the properties are to be made. This is where the sellers may be keen on having the payments made in cash (leaving no paper trail behind), even as the buyers prefer making the payments by check or some other method which leaves behind a proper, traceable paper trail.

When the payments for the properties are to be made. This is against a background where, in most cases, the property sellers show preference for lump-sum (one-off) payments, even as the property buyers tend to show preference for installment payments made over a long period of time.

Where the payments for the properties are to be made. Whilst some property sellers may prefer having the payments made directly to them with no third parties involved, the property buyers prefer making the payments through their lawyers or agents. That way, there are witnesses to the whole transaction.

Now in all these sorts of negotiations, some of the ways in which real estate buyers agents can be helpful include:

By providing pertinent information. Being people who are always deeply involved in the whole business of facilitating real estate purchase transactions on a day to day basis, the real estate buyers agents tend to be exceptionally very well informed. And, in a bid to be of greater service, they are usually willing to let their clients tap on their wealth of information. Hence, with the help of a good real estate buyer agent, you can get a clear idea on what you can (realistically) achieve and what you can’t achieve, through negotiations in the real estate purchase process. The real estate buyers agent can also tell you of the ‘right buttons’ to push, to achieve your objectives as you negotiate in the course of your real estate purchase transaction.

By walking with their clients practically through the negotiation process. Some of these real estate buyers agents are willing to actually hold brief for their clients in the real estate purchase transaction negotiations. This is where you can either opt to go with them for the negotiations, or simply have them do the negotiations on your behalf.

By providing their clients with moral support in the negotiation process. Sometimes, we tend to have deadlocks in the course of these real estate purchase negotiations. But the real estate buyers agents, having seen the same situation time after time before, are likely to be in a position to provide moral support and encouragement. In the absence of such moral support, many real estate buyers tend to pull out of negotiations that would have otherwise been very fruitful.

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