What Do Mormon Missionaries Do?

by GuestPoster on December 12, 2011

You’ve seen them walking through the streets, you’ve seen them knocking on doors, what are Mormon missionaries? And what do they do? First of all, to get some rumors away, the Mormon church is really called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They are usually really nice people, and surprisingly normal, they are Christians.  They are misunderstood very often.  But we’re going to focus on Missionaries rather than the Church as a whole.

Missionaries serve the Lord for two years by going on a mission and talking and teaching people about Jesus Christ and the Church.  They try to do it in a way that’s not offensive, they say they like to ‘invite’ people to hear the message.  They also do a lot of service while they are missionaries.  Trying to help out the community while they are ‘serving’ their missions in various cities.

Missionaries range from age 19 to 27.  Missionaries travel in pairs, male’s or females.  They are in most countries.  I’ve gotten to know a lot of missionaries, they are really nice and have their own personality and story of why they are serving their missions, because they don’t HAVE to go on one.  They come from many different countries, and are generally really nice people.  For the two years they live by a lot of rules that normal Mormons aren’t required to live by, because they are serving the Lord full-time, they always need the Spirit with them in heavy abundance to help teach the people and help protect them.  It seems to be a huge sacrifice for these young people to take off for two years, put their lives on hold, and serve the Lord.  They say it brings them a lot of blessings.

After their missions they go back to their regular Mormon life.  Maybe going to school, working, dating, and all that fun stuff. They don’t have all the strict rules after they are ‘released’ as missionaries.  But they always really love the people they serve for the rest of their lives, and mainly stay in contact with people they became friends with and talk.  They are normal people doing extraordinary things. They don’t get paid for what they do, they pay for their missions themselves, it’s not like they go to your door trying to sell you Internet Lending Software or anything. They are just trying to share a message that is important to them.

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