What Is a Filterless Humidifier?

by GuestPoster on April 19, 2011

Air humidifiers, also known as air purifiers, are some of the most important appliance for some households in particularly polluted environments. More and more home owners are becoming health conscious, so they see to it that they clean their air with the use of these amazing devices in order to prevent the occurrence of different illnesses and ailments. When the climate is dry, it may result in a number of illnesses such as dry skin and throat, irritated eyes, or worse upper respiratory problems. Now this is why it is very essential to maintain the humidity air inside the house with the use use of air purifiers.

Nowadays, when you purchase for air humidifiers in stores and home equipment shops, you will find that most of their humidifiers comes with a filter. This filter is one of the most vital parts of any air purifier because it is responsible in cleaning and screening out unwanted and harmful particles such as dirt, bugs and bacteria. If you have someone at home who are suffering from allergy, asthma and respiratory problems, it is a must that you apply an air filter humidifier.

Filter humidifiers required to be cleaned frequently to ensure that it appropriately functions well in screening out the bad particles. This is also crucial in the proper function of the humidifier device. It is even recommended to change the air filter when it is already been used for a long time, because cleaning may not be enough. If you don’t have the time to clean the filter regularly, and do not want to spend money either in replacing them, it would be best to utilize a filterless humidifier instead.

This filterless humidifier works by using a static electrostatic charge. The particles in the air receive a charge when passing into the humidifier and when the air is passed through a collection grid with an opposite charge, the particles stick to the grid so the air coming out of the humidifier is purified. These devices are very easy to clean and maintain, and it comes in a cheaper price. You can find a humidifier with no filter that will function as an overall heating system in the house, or as a portable and handy unit to be placed in a particular room.

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