What is an LED Television?

by GuestPoster on August 15, 2011

It is important to understand the difference between LED televisions and LED-backlit LCD televisions. LED televisions are those which create pictures using extremely tiny LED bulbs. LED-backlit televisions are those which have a liquid crystal display and an LED back light.

Some companies are marketing their televisions as LED simply because they use LED bulbs as the back light. The good side to owning an LED-augmented LCD television is that it uses less power than conventional fluorescent backlights. However, they are not the same in terms of picture quality. LED TVs are relatively new on the market, and are more expensive. They are, however, better quality than anything that has come before them.

Existing LCD televisions face a dilemma when it comes to providing a bright backlight. They mostly use fluorescent tubes which make it difficult to create deep blacks. These bulbs also limit color saturation and sharpness. LED bulbs serve as an excellent alternative. This is typically done by placing LEDs around the border of the screen, or behind it.

Edge-lit models have the advantage of being very thin in profile, and are generally cheaper. However, the back-lit models can create deeper blacks than edge-lit ones. They also utilize a technology called local dimming, which lowers the brightness of LEDs which are in dark areas. When the whole screen goes black, the LED bulbs shut off, making it completely black which is ideal. However, this amazing contrast ability is not as prevalent when both light and dark images are on the screen. LG television products are at the forefront of this technology.

Some people say that LED-backlit screens have very good contrast when compared to other TVs. However, this really depends on what type of media you are watching, as explained above.

LCD televisions lit by LEDs do not claim to produce a better picture than plasma screens, although manufacturers would like you to believe that. While such televisions may rival plasma televisions when it comes to color saturation and blacks, plasmas are far cheaper. Even cheaper are LCD TVs- take this 42 inch LCD TV for example.

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