What To Look For In a Custom Drum Set

by GuestPoster on December 25, 2010

For drummers who are interested in purchasing a new custom set of drums, you have several options available to you which can produce great results. There are many companies nowadays who specialize in all custom drum sets, and sometimes these companies only produce a few drum sets per year, but they are all meticulously crafted and very high quality. The advantage of going with a smaller rig like this is that sometimes you can get a little more custom features out of your drums. However, these smaller custom drum companies also have disadvantages in that sometimes they don’t have all of the equipment that a larger company would have and they are unable to accurately measure the dimensions of your drums. This can leave you with drums that are slightly warped, and over time these initial defects can become bigger issues and the drums can warp further.

When I am looking at custom drums, therefore, I prefer to go with a larger manufacturer who has all of the necessary tools to make sure that my drums are coming out perfect every time. The problem here though, is that a lot of larger drum manufacturers offer custom drums which are not really “custom” at all. The only options in these case are often the basic wood type, and the finish on the drums. When I want a custom drum set, I need more choice than that.

The best solution that I have found to both of these problems is the Pearl Masterworks series by Pearl Drums. This is a new series of custom drums, and are so far the only custom drums made by a large manufacturer which actually have a wide range of custom features. I like that you can choose the wood type not only for the drum kit as a whole, but for each drum individually. There are 6 different woods to choose from, and you can combine wood types within a given drum as well. In addition, you can specify a different number of wood plies for each drum, and the number of plies of a certain type of wood for each drum.

Pearl Masterworks drums are truly awesome drums because you get to specify so many of the features, including the hardware, wood type, shell thickness, and finish. The woods available are maple, birch, mahogany, bubinga, eucalyptus, and futuristic carbon ply, and you can choose your hardware types and colors.

I prefer to buy drum sets from bigger manufacturers, because they usually get things right the first time, and the customer support is generally better than with the little guys who are only planning on making the drums, and aren’t planning on you having any issues with them afterwards. Pearl Drums definitely has the best reputation in the drumming community for making excellent drums and providing excellent customer service. If you want a set of custom drums that really are custom, Pearl Masterworks would certainly be my suggestion.

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