What Type Of Leather Are Your Gold Shoes Made Of?

by GuestPoster on April 19, 2011

The shoe industry has been a lucrative business to some big shoe manufacturers and traders in this multi-billion industry. Several allied businesses have flourished and this situation is worldwide since the market for shoes is universal. Every individual in this planet needs a pair of shoes in his daily activities. In the making of shoes, there are several resources used to make shoes. In the manufacturing of gold dress shoes for example, shoe makers used genuine animal hides which is being processed by tanneries and leather manufacturing companies to produce the best high quality natural leather.

In this processing by tanneries alone, human labor is extensively utilized to produce the leather requirement for shoes. Aside from the natural animal hides, man is using his hands is part of the process in producing the best shoes. There are some shoe makers that tried to use rattan before. Rattan is classified as grass but due to its limited supply it was being substituted with synthetic leather. However, there is a big difference between synthetic and animal leather. Animal leather has a breathing capacity while synthetic does not, resulting in the spawning of fungus on the feet that cause foul odor. This is one reason why most prefer for the animal hide leather made shoes although it is quite expensive in pricing.

God shoes are now massively produced by some shoe makers using synthetic leather and plastic materials which are cheaper than the natural materials. They are abundant in supplies unlike the animal hide leather which are not produced in great bulk because of its limited supplies. But those who are inclined in maintaining their loyal customers are sticking it out with genuine animal leather since they have been known to this kind of product qualities though they charge a higher price for their products. Genuine leather made shoes are not only beautiful, they also last longer than those made of synthetic materials.

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