Whipped and Splashed

by GuestPoster on May 23, 2011

Whiplashed is an injury caused by mostly vehicle accidents and May greatly affecting a person’s life if not taken cared properly.
Others recover but some suffered from it for years.

Whiplashed is best known as neck pain, shoulders, head or base of the skull that happens after vehicle accidents. People who suffer from whiplash mostly recover in a week or after months and the other 15%-20% of people suffering from whiplash develops chronic pain.

When suffering from a whiplash injury and has been in a vehicular accident, it is best to consult a legal accident lawyer regarding settlement issues. It is best to be assisted by a lawyer to know if you are eligible or not for a whiplash claim. You should file a whiplash claim as soon as possible since there is a limited time given.

Neck Pain Symptoms:
• Neck pain or upper neck pain
• Headaches in the rear or side of the head
• Difficulty in swallowing due to the accident
• Difficulty in hearing
• Neck stiffness
• Dizziness
• Shoulder pain
• Back pain
• Paresthesias
• Fatigue

Important things to consider after an accident:

• Call an ambulance as soon as possible after the injury occurs to be checked up for any injury due to the accident.
• While at the scene of the accident, get the other driver’s license registration number and any insurance detail.
• Go to the nearest police station to file claim or get whiplash injury compensation will require a police report. This is one of the most important steps.
• Get a witness to back up your claim
• Record the date and time of the accident, this is one important step to use when consulting a lawyer.

Your lawyer will help you calculate you compensation. Whiplash injury compensation is one hard issue to get over from, but following the simple steps and getting a great lawyer will help a lot.

One can suffer a lot and lose a lot in a whiplash injury. A lot of people that suffered from this injury have never been the same again. Some didn’t get back the job they had once because they weren’t fit for the job already.
If one is in this state, remember to go and get help from a lawyer immediately.

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