Who is the Most Decorated Olympic Atheltes, and Nations?

by GuestPoster on October 8, 2011

The Olympics are held every two years on alternating winter and summer cycles; the winter games are held on alternating even years from the summer games.

All Time Medal Count to Date

Larissa Latynina from the former Soviet Union, born December 27, 1934, holds the lead with 18 medals over the course of three Olympics. Latynina, a gymnast won six medals in her first Olympics in 1956, held in Melbourne, Australia. Latynina was awarded gold in the Women’s All-around, Team, Floor Exercise, and Vault; she won silver in Bars, and bronze in Object Exercise.

Latynina’s second gamed brought her another six medals, while competing again in gymnastics, at the Rome, Italy games in 1960. She won three gold medals in All-around, Team and again in Floor Exercise, claiming silver in Bars and Balance Beam, and a bronze in Vault.

The Tokyo games saw Latynina once again represent the Soviet Union, and in 1964 she captured yet another 6 medals in gymnastics. Latynina faltered in her dominance of the All-around competition winning silver this Olympiad; however the Soviet team continued to control women’s gymnastics winning gold in the total Team standings. Latynina remained a powerhouse on the Floor Exercise winning an individual gold medal for the third straight Olympics. Laynina stepped up to the podium for silver in the Vault, and two more times for bronze in the Bars and Balance bean individual performances.

All Time Gold Medal Count to Date

Gold medal record holder Michael Phelps, born June 30, 1985 calls Baltimore, Maryland his home, has won 14 gold medals over the course of his first two Olympiads. Speculation on his 2012 performance is widespread within the USA Swimming community with significant changes to regulations regarding men’s and women’s swim suits. Phelps also holds two bronze medals bringing his overall medal count to 16 over two Olympics, 2004 and 2008; placing him second in the overall Olympic medal count.

Michael’s first outing was one of the most covered sporting events in Olympic history; by the conclusion of the 2004 games in Athens, Greece he had eclipsed fellow swimmer and countryman Mark Spitz winning an unprecedented eight gold medals in a single Olympiad. Spitz held the record of seven gold medals, from a single Olympiad, for over 36 years; winning his seven gold medals in swimming in 1972.

All Time Medal Count for a Single Olympiad

Phelps shares the record for most medals in a single Olympiad with himself for his 2004 Athens performance of eight gold medals, and the 2008 Beijing, China games winning six gold medals and two bronze. Alexander Dityatin, a gymnast from the Soviet Union, also shares the leader board wining eight medals in for his performances in the 1980 boycotted Moscow games.

National All Time Medal Count

The United States tops the list for all time Olympic medal count with 2,196 total awarded medals; 897 gold, 693 silver, and 606 bronze medals through the 2010 winter games.

The Soviet Union/Unified Team comes in a distant second with a total of 1,122 medals; as of the 2010 winter games the count was, 440 gold, 357 silver, and 325 bronze medals.

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