Why Are RV Auctions So Cheap?

by GuestPoster on April 13, 2012

Buying a used RV or Motorhome at an RV Auction will help you save a lot of money. Some of the reasons you can save so much are as follows:

1. Little or no on going overhead. RV auctions are a very fast sell and a quick turnover.

2. No depreciation expense to make up for with inflated margins. The goal of RV Auctions is to sell as quickly as possible.

3. No sales commissions to pay (other than auction costs)

4. Even though you can’t pick the upgrades, most of them come to you at a severely discounted price.

Dealers need to sell for a fixed price in order to make a profit. At auctions, the sellers will make a small commission regardless of what price they sell for.

Less competition. Rather than paying market value, you will only be competing against other bidders. Present at the auction. Auctions without a reserve always sell to the highest bidder.

How to Find RV Auctions?

If you are looking for used RV auctions, do you know where to look. RV auctions are one of the best ways to save money when buying a used RV. There are several ways to find RV’s at auction.

The first way is to check the local classified listing under RVs for sale. Often, these will have auctions advertised their. Also check out local auction houses online. If they regularly sell boats and RVs, chances are that they will also RVs You can also call and ask them if they know of any one else that sells them. Another tip to locating these RV auctions is to cal your local bank and ask them if they regularly loan out money on RVs Most small banks will only have a limited amount of inventory and larger banks will be difficult to deal with. So this method may or may not be your best choice.

There are several advantages to buying motorhomes and RVs at auction.
1- Saving money. This is a big motivator to shop RV auctions. If you could by a motorhome for 50 cents on the dollar or even less, wouldn’t you just jump at that opportunity?
2- The ability to pay cash rather then have to make payments is also a great reason. Because auction RVs cost less money, you chances are you will be able to pay cash for it.
3- If you ever have to resell your RV, you won’t loose money on it. If you get such a great deal on it when you buy it at auction, you may even be able to make money on it.
4- You do not typically have to pay market value. The only people that can bid on an auction are those people who are present. The value is only determined by the highest bid. Often these RVs start auction with no reserve and a low starting bid.

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