Why Buy Used Solar Panels?

by Kelvin Redfield on November 15, 2010

If you are wondering that why would someone want to buy a solar panel, the answer is pretty much given. To save cost. If you are the consumer who want to use or install a solar panel to cut down on electricity and to preserve the environment, buying a used solar panel is another wise move as you can spend the least money on the panel that can generate most power output.

Obviously the new solar panel would be a better choice, as it would have better design, lighter, long lifespan, and take up less space than a used solar panel. And of course, a new solar panel are expensive as well. This is not an issue if you can tolerate with the old and wore-off design of the used solar panel. In the performance wise, a used solar panel can easily maintain up to 80% of their efficiency as they were new. In other word, you still can get a moderate wattage output, for a lower price. Not a bad deal, right?

If you have no clue on where to find or buy a used solar panel, you can easily purchase the used panel through online shopping. The most common website would be eBay. In fact, it is rather convenience since that you can check the price and details of the product and have it deliver to your address once you make a purchase on it.

Another source would be buying from the retailer or an agent. If you are wondering that where are those panels comes from, it is mainly from any big corporations that want to replace their old panels with newer and more efficient ones. Doing some “shopping” in the recycling centers is also not a bad choice as well. In fact, you might not even need to pay a penny if you are lucky to find a good condition of used solar panels or the owner/staff of the center is generous enough to give it away.

Also, you can approach any house owners or your neighbors who owned old solar panels and ask them whether they want to sell their old solar panels to you or not, and I doubt that they will turn down your offer. There is another effective and easiest option to take, which it is to contact a contractor or agent who are specialized in the solar panel installation. Many of them always discard any available used solar panels of their customer before installing a new one for them. These contractors or agents are always welcome someone that willingly to dispose such items for them as it save their time and effort.

Whether your choice is, make sure that you always perform simple checks on those used panel, so that you won’t find yourself is being ripped off. There is a general thumb rule that you need to remember before you buy any used panels. Always remember that used panel has to be at least 20% or 30% cheaper than brand new solar panels. Otherwise, you have paid too much. This is a helpful guideline as you need to be convinced that you are buying something worth the price that you pay for.

While shopping, you will need to visually inspect them to see if there are any loose connections or rusted parts that you need to replaced. A simple fault like this can be immediately rectified with a new component or part or a simple soldering iron.

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