Why Is It An Advantage To Buy The Emotion AdvantEdge Kayak? Review It Here..

by GuestPoster on April 3, 2012

I bought two Emotion kayaks in the summer time of 2011 and used them on numerous occasions. One was the Emotion Bliss kayak that was just a little unstable to my liking, particularly if you are over the 180 pound category, despite the fact that it’s a fantastic kayak for children. The other kayak I purchased was the Emotion Advantedge kayak. I really enjoy it!

Lets begin by taking a look at some  of the Product Features:

  • Advant-Edge Kayak includes a professional hybrid hull for exceptional speed, stability, and superior handling
  • Spacious single cockpit, strong comfortable chair with drink holder with fish-netting side storage pockets
  • Measures 12’-7” in length and 28” wide, a 21×51-inch cockpit and weighs in at 45 pounds
  • Weight capacity (according to water conditions): 275 to 325 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty for individual use, 1-year limited warranty for commercial/ institutional use.

I have personally used the Advantedge Kayak from Emotion in very uneven waters and admittedly have never been any close to tipping over. I’m also capable of carrying my two kids (aged 7 and 10) across the back and even so the kayak still stays upright. It really is comfortable for the children round the back as they can easily spread their legs inside the dry area behind the driver’s chair.

I’ve towed my boy within the Bliss kayak as I manoeuvred the Advantedge, to ensure that he is able to learn how to paddle while my daughter rides besides me at the rear of the Advantedge. We did this on the narrow winding river for nearly four hours and the experience totally rocked!

I loved the Emotion Advantedge Kayak a lot which is why I purchased another Advantedge from Amazon since it was less expensive compared to what the neighborhood local dealer had to offer and that I cannot wait to take it for a spin in the water. The Emotion Bliss is okay, however I would blindly spend the additional money for the Advantedge kayak.

The dry bin inside the Emotion Advant-Edge Kayak is excellent, but does leak sometimes. Hence I place my necessities inside a plastic bag after which put it within the dry bin for additional safety.

Oh and I almost forgot, I paid well under 600 bucks with free home delivery when I purchased this kayak through Amazon. Totally hassle-free. This is an excellent bargain for this superb kayak. The local dealer was selling it in excess of $800. I guess Amazon might be cheapest place to purchase this kayak. I’ve done a substantial research to reach this conclusion.

If you do purchase the Emotion Advant-Edge Kayak, I do hope you have as much fun as I am having riding this wonderful kayak!

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