Why Kids Love The Los Angeles Aquarium

by GuestPoster on July 13, 2011

Few family outings capture the imagination of a child as that of an aquarium. The sight of exotic fish swimming alongside massive crabs, mysterious octopi, gliding sea turtles, and patrolling sharks makes for an afternoon that the whole family can enjoy. The main Los Angeles Aquarium, known as the Aquarium of the Pacific, sees nearly two million visitors each year who come to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean deep.

With nearly eleven thousand types of sea life, the Los Angeles Aquarium is larger than the Baltimore Aquarium and nearly as large as the Sea World exhibit in San Diego. The nearby Pacific warm- and cold-water reefs are prominent, with three separate displays introducing Californians to the nearby sea life in their backyards. The image of soaring kelp beds, friendly otters, and massive crustaceans. The interactive Shark Lagoon always captivates children, allowing them to get up close to tame sharks and rays, even allowing intrepid kids to stick their hand in the pool and get a touch of the rough-skinned fish.

Outside the massive pools are exhibits with colorful birds, with cups of nectar that draw them down for a closer look. The indoor garden features drought-resistant plants that can be planted nearly anywhere in California, an attempt by the keepers to assist in the state’s ongoing water deficit. Kids will be surprised to find out how simple plants in their backyard, especially types of grasses and trees, require more water than some areas can provide.

Education is a major feature of the Los Angeles Aquarium, instructing kids and families how to change their lifestyle to be more accommodating to ocean and fresh-water life, reducing their individual water waste or changing their dietary habits to prevent overfishing. The exhibit on Mediterranean tuna fishing, for example, displays how the stocks of the fish have been dwindling severely due to the cheap price of tuna meat in Western marketplaces. Marine pollution, especially the introduction of toxic chemicals into a precarious environment, is highlighted by the aquarium’s sustainability project. The site features displays of complex ocean food webs, breaking down into detail how man-made harms can cause an entire ecosystem to collapse.

If you decide to go to the Los Angeles Aquarium you should consider purchasing your admission tickets from Go Select. You can save some money compared to if you bought it at the gate and you might find some other attractions in Los Angeles.

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