Women and High Heels Have a Love-Hate Relationship

by GuestPoster on April 14, 2012

Through the years, many women have been obsessed with high heels. The glamor of wearing stylish and figure-flattering high heels have made women avid fans of a wide variety shoe products from the most prestigious of designer brands as well as the broad array of the more affordable ones. While high heels have formed part of the rich history of the fashion industry, they have been in and out of it since it was invented.

Thanks to Queen Catherine de’ Medici, wife of the French King Henry II in the early 16th century, heels became a fashion statement among the elite. Over the centuries, high heels had played a huge part in nobles’ lives and in the 20th century, have become the symbol of glamor and style. Truly a remarkable item, the high-heeled shoe is a woman’s prized possession.

The most popular reason for women’s love for high heels is the obvious admiration they receive from the opposite sex. Men like to look at women wearing beautiful high heels as women’s figure becomes more defined and appealing to the eyes. Apart from this, women bask in the boost they get when wearing such shoes. Confidence is a trait that people admire in a woman. When she wears high heels, she feels great confidence in herself, her appearance and the task ahead. A woman becomes empowered when wearing her best shoes; as the saying goes, “put your best foot forward”.

On the flip side, women often complain about many things after wearing high heels made to measure shoes. It is a fact that high heels can be very uncomfortable, yet women still wear them for the benefits I have stated above. Even when women are willing to suffer for wearing heels, they still do it.

Generally, women wearing high heels, such as those above 5inches high, as always in danger of getting sprained or fractured in the ankles and legs. Accidents can happen when you fail to maintain balance as heels can limit one’s ability to move freely, causing an unsteady gait. For women who wear high heels too much, they become more prone to foot deformities, such as hammertoes and bunions.

Even when they are at risk of fractures and foot problems, women would still prefer to wear high heels. A study found that 40% of women would want to wear high heels even if they are not comfortable. Since most women want to endure pain in exchange for looking good, these negative prospects do nothing to their desire to wear heels. With today’s technology and techniques, there are also high heels that are comfortable to wear. It is now up to women to find the best pair for their feet.

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