Xbox 360 Preview: Dead Island

by GuestPoster on May 1, 2011

Dead Island is a first-individual hack-and-slash game set within the midst of a zombie outbreak in a tropical paradise. It is more like Dead Rising than Resident Evil, with more attention to action over suspense. The builders themselves say they’re going for “zombie zombie zombie all the time.” An abundance of makeshift weapons lying round like paddles, baseball bats, and wrenches – and the truth that these may be combined and upgraded – further reminds me of Lifeless Rising.  This game will be available on xbox live for 800 microsoft points or 1200 microsoft points.

Then there may be the four-participant cooperative play, additionally giving Dead Island just a little Left for Dead flavor. In the beginning of the game you choose your character (which represents your class) and are stuck with that selection at some stage in the adventure. Whomever you choose, you’re special among the many survivors on the island — you appear to be the one individual immune to the zombie illness, and due to this fact can go toe-to-toe with the undead with out fear of being converted.

The game has a really different tone than the somber trailer. It is quick and arcade-like. The plaintive piano and strings of the trailer are changed with online game heavy metal. You could be clawed, bitten, and mauled by zombies and then be in perfect well being a moment later. Tools and equipment can be jammed collectively to create ridiculous weapons, like an electrified machete. Is an electrified machete cool? In fact it is! But the macabre giggles it coaxed out of me are quite different than the quiet unease I felt while watching the trailer.

When developer Techland performed Lifeless Island for me today, they selected the stereotypical “online game black man” character. As he ran around slicing up zombies and bashing of their heads, he would exclaim things like, “Daaaaaamn, that bitch was enormous!” and “You a useless bitch now!” Imagine hearing that form of commentary over the trailer that depicted the tragic demise of a young girl.

Video games are about gameplay, not CGI movies. A sport trailer that shows no gameplay might be entertaining, however it is useless as a metric for judging a recreation’s quality. This ought to be an apparent assertion, however take into consideration what number of recreation trailers we see today that are bereft of gameplay footage. You’ll be able to create an unimaginable trailer that pulls consideration to your game (DC Universe comes to mind), but that trailer might very nicely find yourself being more entertaining than the actual sport

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